FECOFA: « Roger Hitoto never complained about bad treatment » Belgian Situatala

Collaboration between FECOFA and Roger Hitoto, who held ambassador of Congolese football post, lasted only one year. On Tuesday 24 May, the former Congolese international ended this collaboration for reasons of personal convenience, as revealed by FootRDC. FECOFA agreed to give its point of view on the decision of its now ex-collaborator.

DRC’s football governing body said it was not aware of the information on possible mistreatment of Mr Hitoto or his resignation. « Officially, we are not aware of this resignation. Fecofa has not received any letter from the person concerned stating his resignation. We read it on social networks, » said Belge Situatala, on Top Congo FM.

Federation’s secretary general of the added that Roger Hitoto never complained about any bad treatment: « Every time he came, Roger was with us, he reported and did not complain. I don’t think he was put in less than ideal conditions to do his job well. We paid for some of his trips to Europe to convince players. I reaffirm that he never complained. »

Who should be given the mission of ambassador and take over the responsibilities of Roger Hitoto? « For the moment, it is difficult to answer, » summarizes the head of the administration of Fecofa. « It is premature to give an opinion because we have not yet received his letter. Management at the level of FECOFA is collegial. The executive committee will meet and draw the consequences. »

Roger Hitoto played the role of intermediary to « seduce » players with dual nationality to join the Congolese team. He succeeded in convincing Silas Katompa (Stuttgart) and Elvis Sukisa who officially became Leopards thanks to his lobbying.


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