How to Trade Cryptocurrency ?

People’s awareness of crypto is increasing as the application of digital coins is growing. Today crypto helps financial institutions and individuals to conduct fast and secure money transfers worldwide; developers build new interesting applications and blockchain games using crypto, and funds raise money from crypto donations and send them to help those in need. All the operations we used to do with fiat money are connected with banks. Banking systems cannot provide such speed and security as crypto. For example, you will wait for foe several days or weeks to transfer money to Poland, while if you used a crypto wallet, you would send funds instantly to any point on the globe. 

Crypto exchanges play a key role in crypto transfers. They are sites where people meet to trade, convert, send, sell, or purchase digital assets. Large and official exchanges allow operations with crypto-fiat pairs, which means you can deposit euros to your account, convert them to USDT and send it to your relatives in any corner of the world, and it will take just a few minutes. 

Other advantages of crypto:

  • low fees for currency transfers
  • decentralization (no control from the part of banks)
  • opportunity to make money through crypto currency trading.

What Crypto Exchange to Choose?

As we have mentioned above, large and reliable platforms allow users to deposit fiat money. This option is available only to registered clients who verified their accounts. Verification makes sure that a person does not impose a threat to a platform and has no illegal actions in the past. After registration, you can add your bank card to deposit funds. Examples of centralized platforms are Binance, WhiteBIT, Kraken, and Coinbase.

WhiteBIT is the largest crypto platform in Europe. It provides robust security for its clients and offers to protect their accounts with two-factor authentication. The platform offers spot markets, DEX, codes, futures derivatives, margin trading, p2p exchange, etc. 

To buy cryptocurrencies on WhiteBIT, follow simple steps:

  1. Register
  2. Pass KYC
  3. Find a crypto converter
  4. Pick the asset you want to buy
  5. Pay the fee.

The platform offers up-to-date crypto rates and low fees (0,1$). To learn more information about the WhiteBIT exchange, visit its blog.

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